Treat yourself to a treatment from our comprehensive therapeutic menu and feel the stress and tension melt away.
Treatments are offered onsite in our treatment room by our qualified therapist Vicky Barnes.

Made for Life Head in Heaven
Slows down the mind - bringing harmony and leaving a feeling of complete bliss. Supported by Macmillan and the Mermaid Centre (Breast cancer centre in Cornwall) for treatment during and after Cancer. Upper back, head and facial experience clears the mind and releases tension using Chinese massage techniques with pressure points. .
85 mins - 55
Made for Life Relax & Rejuvenate Uplifting Facial
A Natural face lift massage, leaving your face toned and skin glowing. Non surgical facial, lifts and tones using stimulating specialised movements. Lines and wrinkles are smoothed and diminished, giving you bright and hydrated skin. Facial included.
85 mins - 55
Made for Life Express Facial
A natural blend of herbs, flowers and essential oils help to decongest the sinuses, smooth, soothe, nourish and moisturise the skin.
30 mins - 30
Made for Life Body & Soul
This full body aroma and lymphatic drainage massage gently balances the mind through the sense of smell whilst easing away the stresses of the day.
85 mins - 55 (full body)
Made for Life Pregnancy Pamper
A soothing, relaxing all over body treat, when you are most in need. Designed for pre and post pregnancy this nurturing massage focuses on the lower back, shoulders, upper neck and head, including a soothing leg massage.
55 mins - 40
85 mins - 55
Made for Life Relax into Radiance
Pure indulgence for the body and mind. An Enlivening whole body massage followed by a lemongrass and marigold exfoliation from head to toe, leaving the skin feeling pristine and polished. This treatment includes a cleansing, hydrating facial, finishing with a head massage to clear and calm the mind.
85 mins - 60
Rose Indulgence Wrap
Blissful treat ! This luxurious rose wrap deeply hydrates and nourishes the body, complete with facial, pressure point head massage and body moisture mist - "heavenly".
60 mins - 45
Made for Life Hand on Heart
An essential treat for the hands and feet. Re-energise tired hands and feet with this soothing rhythmical massage to ease stiff joints and nourish these overworked areas.
85 mins - 55
Made for Life Reflexology
Relaxing! A gentle non-invasive therapy based on the principle that there are reflex points in the feet and hands, which correspond to every part of the body. Pressure applied to these points help to assist the body back to balance.
45 mins - 36

Massage can help to relieve the symptoms of stiff, tired joints, speeds up digestion and encourages circulation, promotes relaxation and improved sleep. It can also be deeply relaxing and beneficial in reducing the symptoms of stress.
Deep Tissue / Remedial Massage
Can relieve stress, back pain, sciatica, shoulder and neck tension, whiplash, tight muscles, loss of mobility etc.
55 minutes - 40
Relaxing/Therapeutic Massage
A massage that brings about complete relaxation and can melt away all your tensions, cares and worries.
55 mins - 38
75 mins - 52 (full body)

Hawaiian Lomi Lomi
"This is the awakening touch that one has been longing for". (Daily Mail)
Cleansed by wave upon wave of touch, this deep therapeutic massage for the mind, body and soul uses gentle rhythmic wave like strokes to caress and nurture the body. Unique to this treatment is the use of both hands and forearms giving Lomi Lomi the ability to penetrate to the core of ones being.
85 mins - 55
Stone Therapy Massage
The hot stones can be used simply for relaxation and stress relief or hot and cold stones used together can be extremely beneficial for injury recovery, chronic conditions and deep seated tension.
55 mins - 45
75 mins - 60

Reiki (pronounced ray-kee)
An ancient deeply relaxing Japanese form of hands on healing. Reiki helps the recipient by releasing blocked energies, cleansing the body of toxins and working to bring a sense of wellbeing and balance to both body and mind.
55 mins 36
Please note that we are now able to offer Pregnancy Massage (after first 12 weeks) also Massage for Cancer Patients. (Written permission from your GP, Midwife or Healthcare Professional will be required)

Indian Face Massage
A Natural Non Surgical Face Lift! An Ayurvedic rejuvenating face massage, which promotes the free flow of blood and nutrients to facial skin. 
55 mins - 36
Indian Head Massage
Focusing on the neck, scalp and head this massage helps to ease out tension and clear the mind.
*Please wear vest top for this treatment.
30 minutes 25

This treatment involves cuticle work, shaping of the nails and an arm hand massage. Followed by application of nail polish. *
This treatment begins with your feet being soaked in a foot spa, which is followed by cuticle, nail and hard skin work. Includes a lower leg and foot massage and application of nail polish. *
Manicure 25
Pedicure 30
*Please note all base coasts, topcoats and French polish are provided by the therapist. The client is responsible for providing any coloured polish.

Home Spa and Pampering Days/Parties and Gift Vouchers available by arrangement.

To book appointments for Treatments or make to just make an enquiry contact:
Tel: 01288 353233 or 07804768527

Please note that any cancellations must be made at least 24 hours before the appointment otherwise the full price will have to be charged.

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