Competition Time!

AND THE WINNER IS ….. Please note that this competition is now closed and the we are delighted to announce the Winner is Sarah Louise Baker.



We are offering you a chance to win a 3 x night stay in Stables Barn, one of our lovely 2 x Bedroomed courtyard Barns!

All you have to do is to LIKE our Facebook page AND SHARE our competition status to be entered! Simple as that.

Terms & Conditions Apply: The Free Holiday cannot be taken during school holidays or during May & June (don’t worry we are still fully open and functioning at those times of year!) and needs to be taken before the end of 2016.

The winners name will be chosen at random on 31st January from those who have ‘liked’ our Court Farm Holidays Facebook page and ‘shared’ the competition status.


Evie & Issey’s Adventures : Winter walks

These are my girls; Evie-Mae who is 2.5 and Issabelle who is 1.5 ….  The wind and rain does not deter us during the winter months, we just togg up and choose a sheltered walk … one of our favourites during the winter months, during the wet and windy weather being Stowe Woods, Nr Duckpool, a lovely woodland walk , 14 miles by car from Court Farm, Marhamchurch, or 9 miles from Northcott Farm.

IMG_4120      IMG_4134     

This is an annual event, the 3rd picture below was taken there last year, when Issey was just 8 months old, Evie 20 months when she too preferred to be carried than walking too far! … good ol Daddy!  … now seeing them both this year walking and running hand in hand up the path in the woods makes all the effort of getting all the gear together, last minute nappy changes, dealing with temper tantrums as I couldn’t find Rabbie , Evie’s ‘cannot live without’ toy and actually making it out the door! …..worthwhile ..


The walk basically consisted of more re-tracing steps rather than actually getting anywhere but a) we were well out of the wind b) there were lots of muddy puddles to enjoy splashing around in and c) Job done, tired out, they slept right through last night!