Meet Our New Sheep!

We now have a little flock of Llyens sheep in our field so act as lawn mowers to keep the grass down …. they’ve got quite a lot of grass to get through!  So while rambling about in our Animal Field, visiting Molly & Polly the Goats, Peppa & Georgie our Kune Kune pigs and our cheeky chickens, feel free to walk amongst them – they are not exactly tame, but you should see much frolicking and springing from the lambs.

These are an example of the healthy livestock bred by local farmer Dan Heard who runs now offering his customers quality cuts of lamb and also Dexter beef, grazed and bred just within a mile of his main location at Whalesborough Farm (1/2 mile away from Court Farm Holidays).

Dan offers both breakfast & meat boxes, which we can arrange to have delivered to your cottage. Pork is locally outdoor reared traditional saddle back pork and eggs are free range penny well eggs all within 10 miles of court farm…..