Canicross is one of the most social and ways for you and your dog to get fit together. Through the combined teamwork you share, the two of you will build a special bond that really is unparalleled.

It is also the safest way to enjoy running with your dog – by using specially designed, technical equipment that allows you to run naturally and to run hands-free and for your dog to run comfortably and efficiently under your control.

You don’t need to be running distances or to be super fit to start your adventures together. You can infact make use of the specific kit to power walk or canitrek. The equipment has been invaluable for myself and my dogs when walking or running the coastal paths that we have at our disposal here on the North Cornwall and Devon border. We hear too often the horror stories of many dogs meeting their fate during a walk near cliffs or livestock being attacked on the moorlands.

Canicross originated in Europe as invaluable training for the mushing (dog sledding) community during off season months. It is very similar to skijoring, where people ski with their dog pulling out in front of them, and bikejoring, where people cycle off-road with their dog pulling in front.

We have our very own “Lets Go Canicross” here in Bude, ran by Lara Trewin and her dogs Tilly & Reggie. They can show you how you can get fitter together in a fun, safe and structured way.

Tourist Trails

Make the most of your stay in the area and book a session (either 1-2-1 or as a group) to explore the trails and coastal paths in the region alongside a certified canicross trainer. Don’t hang up your trainers and leave the canicross harness at home, make the most of how dog-friendly North Cornwall is and explore with your canine companion.

Lets Go Canicross can offer a bespoke service and show you some of their favourite routes to run in the area.

Lets Go Canicross:


Lara is an experienced trail runner who is passionate about getting people outdoors enjoying what they have on their doorstep in North Cornwall / Devon. Be it through canicross adventures or through canitrekking, she enjoys nothing more than being outdoors with like minded people and their dogs.


Her first GSP, she came here from Spain, to share Lara’s love of running and to live the life she deserved. Tilly proved to be a complete natural at canicross, the two of them hit the trails and coast paths regularly. She’s an extremely competent pack leader and takes her role very seriously, she has an exceptional work ethic. She also enjoys sofa snuggles in the evening, who doesn’t?!


A recently addition to the team, Reggie, who came through GSP Rescue UK. At 6 months old, he is going to be watching and learning from his big sister before he can get harnessed up and go canicrossing. They will introduce canitrekking sessions for him and you can keep up to date with his developments in our blog section.


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